Do you have a book shelf with lots of books? Did you ever scan the book titles in a library or a book shop? Did you notice that you have to turn your head from time to time?
I was staring at my shelf for at least ten minutes. I do this often when I am at home just because I like the view. Lots of books, who does not like to look at them, to think about the stories you have read and how you felt reading them? Sometimes it is like I hear the books whispering, wishing for someone to read them again. Then I grab one of them and skim through it, enjoy the sound of the paper, the smell of hidden stories that were not discovered yet. Sometimes I just read the spines of the book and think nothing at all. It was one of this occasions that I noticed how often I had to turn my head.
At first I thought it were the English books that were written so that you can read them when the book lies on a table while the German titles all were upside down. Then I found some English books that were upside down as well while German titles were written right. So there is absolutely no structure in it. Maybe it is the publishers, but I do not have enough books of different publishers to talk about that. Find it out for yourself. For the moment I am fine with this discovery and I wonder why I haven’t noticed it before.
The first book is a spanish one, then there are two books from the German publisher Lübbe where you can see the difference in the layout, then an English book which is right and another German book which is upside down again when you put it on a table so that you can see the cover.

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