Bones – Series

This time Bones hit me: Temperance „Bones“ Brennan is an anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington D.C. and she works together with FBI Agent Seeley Booth to solve crimes by analyzing bone structures.

The series was inspired by the book series by Kathy Reichs, though there are lots of differences in the plot and the characteristics.

I started to watch this series without any expectations. The first thing I noticed was the colors, which are more flashy than usually in a crime series. I thought of Psych which uses this colors as an indicator for a „funnier“ plot, for not aiming to be totally serious about everything. Well, Bones is not serious about everything: It is filled with black humor and characters that are so special that often „amusing moments“ occur. Anyway this series claims to be genuine. The cases may seem extraordinary, but with Kathy Reichs, who has an PD in anthropology, working at the set the authors make sure that they do not get detached.

I also noticed that the protagonist Temperance has skills in self defense and is always asking for a gun to defend herself in a case of emergency. This and her will to investigate instead of staying at the institute are quite remarkable. Probably this is the most weakening fact for the series, because I absolutely can not understand why an anthropologist should investigate – or the other way: Why a FBI agent should work with an anthropologist and let her investigate instead of doing it himself with the support of his own (FBI) team. You often see Brennan question suspects or examine crime scenes. She is the one talking to victims and seeing facts that Booth cannot see. Of course this also makes the series special, because it proofs that we do not always need some agents to solve crimes, because sometimes other people do see more (because they have the knowledge about certain things, like anthropology).

Naturally there are more reasons why one could like the series or dislike it. For me it worked to start watching it and get interested in the rest of the series.


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