The Hobbit (2013)

The hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien does not only tell the story of the hobbit Bilbo, but also the story of the ring and how Sauron regained his powers and started to build up his army. In the Lord of the Rings this story about the rings is completed.

I was reading the book in 2012 just in time to watch the first of the three movies about the hobbit. Now I was watching the second part. When I went to the cinema I was still doubting that 160 minutes could be filled with only a few parts of action, but I was surprised. Instead of following a whole complicated story the producers set value on the details: Sourroundings were shown more detailed, the dialogues were more ambitious, the plot was not as gathered as I am used to it now from thousands of other films.

Another thing I really liked – and already appreciated in the first Hobbit movie – was that they stayed near to the story. There were some differences, but I could not find anything very important they had missed to show. Instead they included parts of the story of the Lord of the Rings which made it a whole adventure to watch the movie. I was always busy while reading the book to find out how things came before Frodo went out to destroy the ring. Now I can understand it, because the producers used old diaries and notes about the books they did not have when they produced the LotR-movies! It was amazing! I can absolutely recommend to watch this movies as long as you like any kind of fantasy! It made my day!


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