Booklover problems

People who read a lot always have a problem. There is no possibility that they do not have one of the following problems:


  1. Either one has too many books and does not know where to put them. In this case creativity is shown, when they sort out other stuff to make room in their shelves for their books. Because books always have absolute priority.
  2. Or book lover do not have enough books. This is usually caused by a lack of money, which cannot be balanced easily. Books are not only heavy, they are expensive. One might think skiing is an expensive hobby, but to be true: Buying three or more nice books a month does cost more than once or twice a year a week skiing. Thank God, there are libraries!
  3. Another problem is that they have enough books, but not the time to read them. This is probably the worst. You do not have the possibility to change something in your life because usually you already organize yourself the way that you have time to read. Okay, some people are bad organizers, but usually not the book lovers, because they grow up reading during all their free time and know how to gain more and more free time. So not having any time book lovers are missing their favorite hobby. They are not able to read, which sometimes makes them feel sick and tired during their dull routine of every day life. I never figured out another way than to work fast, be stronger and wait for the next gap in my schedule. Eventually it arrives sooner than expected and then I run to my books, sit down with a cup of tea and forget everything else.
Sunday was filled with all three of those problems. Yes, I did not have time to read the books I wanted to read, but also not for those I had to read. I even had looked forward to read them, because they were not quite as bad as required reading usually is. Now, though I was all day busy I managed to find some time in the evening to read at least a few pages until I fell asleep.
My problem of space in my book shelf was a little bit harder, but in the end it was also solved. My mum had asked for some boxes for her CDs and because I did not need mine anymore I gave them to her and found a little more space for my new books.
The third problem, to have not enough books, seems paradoxical to the first problem I had, but yes, I had both of them. To explain it a little bit: I have lots of fiction in my book shelf but simply not the ones I need for my seminars. So I have to buy more books without having read the other ones. Not to mention that I have to save money, which makes it quite difficult to buy that many books. Well, I figured it out somehow and solving all those book lover problems definitely made my day!
In the end I was rewarded with a wonderful article about dating girls who read books (and those who do not read any). Thanks for that! You can read the article here on „El Malpensante“, but do not be surprised, it is a Spanish one.

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